Tote Bags

Carrying personal items is something you must consider every time you leave the house but matching a bag to your outfit can be an overwhelming venture. Have you been searching for a conveniently sized tote bag that suits your storage needs while also serving as a head-turning accessory? Luis E. Toledo illustrates a combination of both in his tote bag line, allowing you to stand out amongst the crowd with your essential items safely by your side.

While the primary benefit of these bags is their functionality, their beauty sets them apart from other totes through their unique design and stunning technical detail. Items within this collection present the faces of beautiful women, created using professional artistic techniques that amplify a simple image to a dreamy piece of art. The eye-popping colors will catch your attention from across the room and the immaculate details will draw you in closer, revealing even more intricacies.

While not appearing overly bulky, these bags still allow room for you to carry everything you need without sacrificing your style. The sturdy strap allows for the bag to be worn over the shoulder or carried, so you can easily style your tote to your preferred taste. Versatile and beautiful, a unique tote bag will be an item you won’t want to leave the house without!