Buy Your Loved Ones Original Artwork This Christmas

As the holiday approaches, the nerves of figuring out what to gift your loved ones can be stressful. After years of coming up with gift ideas, how do you think of something new that will make them truly happy? It can be a difficult decision but gifting an original art piece is an incredible option that will leave your loved ones surprised and grateful as they unwrap and reveal the beauty.

There are several reasons your friends and family would love to receive artwork as a present this Christmas, but here are the top 3 reasons: 

  1. Personalize your gift

Receiving a gift from someone you love is already an intimate experience, but this feeling is especially heightened when the gift is special to you. Gifting artwork that you selected specifically for someone is a demonstration of your love for the person as well as your understanding of their individuality.

Artwork is a physical expression of story and emotion, so take the leap and purchase if you see a piece of art that reminds you of someone or think your loved one will connect with. The gift receiver will be touched by how well you know them and understand their preferences. 

  1. As time goes on, there is more to discover
Observing art from a distance allows you to perceive the portrait with an encompassing overview, which is amazing for when you glance at the painting hanging on the wall. However, original art can never be boring – the closer you look, the more intricacies that reveal themselves.


The most mystical element of art is the detail that continues to emerge the longer you stare. Each day when you look at your art piece you can appreciate something new, whether it is the imaginative colors, intricate technique, or a hidden detail that you once overlooked. This constant discovery is refreshing and exciting – even more reason to adore their gift. 

  1. It is something they can cherish forever

Many people prefer to give gifts that will withstand the test of time, hoping that the joy their gift brings will continue to resurface over time. Artwork is a great option for a tangible gift that can be treasured throughout the future to come.

As the art piece is hung on the wall, it becomes a piece of the home. Your home should be where you feel comfortable and the most like yourself, so gifting a piece of art that will bring your loved ones a feeling of joy that will regenerate every day as they admire their present. 

Art is the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas. If you are looking for something unique and meaningful, original artwork such as ‘Sueño De Otra Luz’ by Luis E. Toledo may be your ideal match. His combination of karat gold and silver details amidst the oil and paper on the wood panel will take your breath away as you admire the beauty – what more could you want in a gift?

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