About Luis E Toledo

About me

Born in Santa Clara, Villa Clara Cuba in October, 1989.
My work opens a door to a dreamlike world, magical, idyllic, where I create a parallel universe, a personal reflection of reality. Not satisfied by the world we live in, I create a surreal refuge that helps me face everyday life. The characters living there emerge from a personal unconscious state, converging in this esoteric world where they have conflicts, express their different ideas in their own language, have traditions and goals; all based on their individual essence. For me, every piece is a representation of a living memory. I remove organic and physical presences from my world and transfer them into this magical place as a creative recourse.

I believe that the influence received during childhood and throughout the years is relevant for one's personal growth. As a child, I saw my father study the great artists from the Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque among others. He learned from them and then passed his knowledge to me as a teacher, showing me the processes with painting techniques, glazes, color, textures. At the same time, my imagination expanded seeing my mother giving life to characters from short stories and comic books. As an actress performing in children's theaters, her ability to communicate through puppets and marionettes foster my need to find spaces beyond reality. My grandmother's children's stories also influenced me; in them, we often held the leading roles. The series "A dream within a dream" births these characters by connecting ideas from my imagination with their own thoughts and desires.


2008 Salón de Estudiantes de la Escuela de Instructores de Arte "Manuel Ascunce Domenech”. Santa Clara. Villa Clara. Cuba
2009 Salón de Estudiantes de la Escuela de Instructores de Arte "Manuel Ascunce Domenech”. Santa Clara Villa Clara. Cuba
2009 Exposición personal en la Galería Provincial de Remedios. Villa Clara. Cuba
2010 Salón Provincial de Arte. Galería Provincial de Artes Plásticas Santa Clara Villa Clara. Cuba
2010 Exposición “Viaje a la Semilla”. Galería Provincial de Arte. Santa Clara Villa Clara. Cuba
2010 Exposición colectiva en la Galería “Tacones Lejanos” Mejunje Santa Clara Villa Clara. Cuba
2010 Exposición colectiva en la galería “Pórtico”, Asociación Hermanos Sainz. Santa Clara Villa Clara. Cuba
2011 Participación en la 11 Bienal de La Habana. Ciudad Habana, Cuba

2012 Collective art exhibit at the “Hotel Presidente” Ciudad Habana, Cuba
2012 Exhibit in “Hotel Occidental” Ciudad Habana, Cuba
2013 Exhibit in “Hotel Quinta Avenida” Ciudad Habana, Cuba
2014 Exhibit in “Hotel Occidental Miramar “Ciudad Habana, Cuba
2014 Exhibit in “ART New York” EEUU
2014 Exhibit in “ART Santa FE” EEUU
2014 Exhibit at fair booth in San Diego, California, Miami, EE UU
2014 Exhibit in “Spectrum”, Miami, EEUU
2015 Exhibit in “ART New York”
2015 Exhibit in “ART Santa Fe” EEUU
2015 Exhibit in “Spectrum”, Miami, EEUU
2016 Exhibit in “ART New York”
2016 Exhibit in “Magical Tranquility”, Miami, EEUU.
2016 Exhibit at the ”Technique Art Fair” at Shelborne Hotel, Miami EEUU
2016 Exhibit at “Art Basel” , Miami EEUU

2017 Exhibit in Los Angeles, California EEUU
2017 Personal exhibit at “Sueños Lúcidos”, Posada del Tepozteco, Tepotzlan,Mx.
2017 Exhibit in “Context” New York
2017 Exhibit in“Visual Therapy”, Miami EEUU
2017 Exhibit in COCO Art Gallery, Miami EEUU
2017 Exhibit at The Frank C. Ortis Gallery, Pembroke Pines, EEUU
2017 Exhibit at Context, Art Basel, Miami EEUU
2018 Exhibit in “Return to Order” , Miami EEUU
2019 Exhibit in “No method to our madness” , Miami, EEUU
2019 Exhibit “Idols of the Tribe”, Miami EEUU.
2019 Exhibit at Hotel Colonnade, Coral Gables, EEUU
2019 Exhibit “Hallucinations” Miami, EEUU
2019 Exhibit “Escorpio 1969” Miami, EEUU
2019 Exhibit at Los Angeles, California, EEUU
2020 Exhibit “Lucky 13”, Miami, EEUU
2020 Exhibit “5 years in Heaven”, New York, EEUU
2020 Exhibit Opening in Natchez, EEUU
2020 Exhibit “Midnight in the Garden of God and Evil”

Awards, Mentions & Publications

2008 Premio y mención en el 6to Salón en la Escuela de Instructores
de Arte "Manuel Ascunce Domenech” Santa Clara. Villa Clara, Cuba
2009 Gran premio en el 7 salón en la Escuela de Instructores de
Arte "Manuel Ascunce Domenech” Santa Clara. Villa Clara, Cuba
2010 Colaboración con la revista “Guamo” Centro de investigación
“Samuel Feijoo” de Santa Clara. Villa Clara, Cuba
2015 Participación en el documental de arte cubano “Alumbrones”
realizado en Ciudad Habana, Cuba, se hizo el lanzamiento en EE UU
2015 Publicación en la portada del periódico “The Wall Street
Journal”, EE UU
2015 Publication in “Opulence Extreme Cuisine’’ magazine EEUU
2016 Publication in “ Opulence’’ magazine EEUU
2016 Publication inArt World news” magazine EEUU
2016 Publication in “ Luxury The Art Issue” magazine EEUU
2017 Publication in “Estatusuio” magazine Ecuador.
2018 Publication in front cover of “Eloquence Magazine
2020 Publication in COCO magazine