How Decorative Art Can Transform Your Home

How Decorative Art Can Transform Your Home

Adding artwork to your home is one of the best ways to make your space feel more comfortable. While there are foundational aspects of decorating that set the initial tone of a room, such as choosing a color to paint the walls or which shape of couch to get, adorning your home with beautiful artwork is an amazing strategy to transform your home into a space that you love.

There are many aspects of decorating that can feel overwhelming to some, but utilizing the following tips will help your home grow into a welcoming space without the stress.

Choose A Color Scheme

The first simple step in transforming your home into a beautiful space is to determine a color scheme. You may begin by considering the color of your walls or furniture and finding items of similar colors to match. For example, you could choose warmer colors like gold, orange and yellow, or you could have an earthier theme with blue, green, and brown. The most important factor to consider is your personal style and what will make you the happiest.

Another method of choosing a color scheme is to find a piece of artwork you love and gathering additional accessories to match. This technique can be the most effective, as you have a reference point with several colors already utilized that you can take inspiration from as you select additional decorations.

Hang Art on The Wall

Adding art to the wall immediately makes a house feel like a home – especially when you choose artwork that brings you joy. If you have empty walls, choosing a larger centerpiece can help disrupt the emptiness and create depth in the room. It doesn’t matter if you choose a painting or a print – if you place it in a beautiful frame, your wall will be instantly transformed!

If you still have room, hanging some additional art pieces that match your centerpiece will tie everything together. Mixing different-sized prints can add dimension and make the appearance more interesting.

Decorative Cushions

Is your couch a boring eyesore in the middle of your room? If so, adding throw blankets and decorative cushions is a great way to give a luxurious appearance to your sitting area while also contributing to the color scheme. These items could be monochromatic or more intricate, depending on the style you prefer.

Miscellaneous Accessories

There are numerous methods to add character to your home, including adding miscellaneous decorations to your shelves and coffee table. Candles, ornaments, and books that share color schemes are beneficial in accentuating your main art pieces, making the colors stand out.

If you have additional space, another fun idea is to place a coat rack in the corner and hang a few beautiful hats or tote bags that contribute to your color scheme – this feature can be functional and attractive!

When integrating artwork into your living space, combining several pieces of a coherent color scheme is an amazing way to bring life to the room. Choosing to decorate with pieces by artists such as Luis Toledo who specialize in dreamy colors and imaginative presentations can create a magical atmosphere that you will love.

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